Cut Open

So March 1st at approximately 3:45 am I ended up in the emergency room because the hemorrhoid on my bottom was so enlarged and hurt so incredibly much. I have a high tolerance for pain, so for it to hurt so much I didn’t want to breathe, it had to be pretty bad. Anyway, so the doctor removed some blood clots and sent me home. It’s been a fairly quick recovery so far from what I’ve noticed. What I don’t understand is how when I take a bowel movement, how there can also be blood in it.

It’s not like anything internal was done, so I don’t understand the correlation. Well regardless, the pain is almost completely gone… almost. The inflammation is going away pretty quickly too, but then again I’m attacking that pretty aggressively. All in all everything is going pretty well.

Bloggity Blog Blog

So we got our tax refund on Valentine’s Day, which was both fun and relatively unexpected. We paid a bunch of bills first, just need to do insurance on the car now. We finally got our computers back yesterday and paid for World of Warcraft again. I’m still contemplating which domain I want to keep – I think I may just keep Wolf’s Web and ditch the other two that I have. I only need one domain and have no need for three. Anyway, that’s about all I have to say at the moment.